Bio of Dr. Alex Mans by one of his follower:
He has different dimensions in his life. Scientific side, the literary side, philosophy and religion side, political
and human rights supporter side, business, industry side, healthy lifestyle, and sports side.
He was born in Iran and later had become a Belgian citizen.

He had finished his first Ph.D. in philosophy and religions. When he was 26 years old, he had written his
Doctorate (Ph.D.) about the analogy between religions and Indian philosophy. Then he had gotten a second
doctorate (Ph.D.) on management strategies and organizations from the University of Istanbul in Turkey when
he was 31 years old. He has three M.S in financial analysis, marketing new brand, and project management.
He wrote a book about comparing export models in all the world and offered a new export model for under
developing countries and offered an original export method from Turkey. He had received the first honor and
pride medal from Turkey’s deceased president Mr. T. Ozal for developing country export.
He also wrote other books named model of control for top management and comparison between five
hundred (500) biggest companies and associations in all the world. He has been teaching in multiple
universities in different countries since 1989, such as strategy management, market, finance, the control
mechanism for top management, stock exchange market, and organization lessons. He had written many
leaflets on these subjects and has organized many management sciences, literary and self-uplifting seminars
in different countries. He became chairman of many scientific, academic, business, and human rights
supporter comities and organizations. He had gotten many sports cups in tennis and some other activities. He
was active in the Ecology Party in Belgium in the 2006 election. He continued his activities as on human rights
supporter. He had established his own business in 1990 in different countries, such as producing air
compressors and pneumatic tools in Turkey, folded glasses business in Belgium, UPVC double face windows
in Azerbaijan, and an international trade center in Iran. He is an expert in the stock exchange market, project
management, financial analysis, and creating a worldwide brand. He recently started the BCDEM path for a
healthy lifestyle and opened Spa, gym centers in Belgium.
During five year living in high isolated security prisons alone in Israel, for a false accusation ( the occupation
regime accused the person who came for an academic seminar and business), he has been developing new
methods for learning languages in a short time which; he has been testing this method with others in ten
weeks period since this idea had sprouted, so he has prepared books for learning in ten weeks following
English, Turkish, French, Persian, Azari, and Arabic.
As he knows several languages, he wrote poems in many different languages with experiences that had
started from childhood, and philosophy novels, which are in just English, became more than four thousand
pages of poems and three thousand pages of stories.
According to the chapter in English, he translated and illustrated the Holy Quran to English and a dictionary of
the Holy Quran.
As he knows all the philosophies, religions, and management science, he develops some methods for
increase human ability, incredibly usable in industries based on Taylor and Fayol’s theories.
Also, he creates a new theory on tax payment for underdeveloped countries.
He believes humans are a gerund of God and have possibilities till Divine, so he established many
progressing self-uplifting and ability-discovery centers in different countries.
He is called a scientist professor by everybody with great respect for all his efforts for science, human rights,
and developing centers in many countries.
I knew him when he was in a security prison with Palestinian brothers and tried to be useful for them with all
his pieces of knowledge, experiences, and efforts.
I am one of his English and management science students, who have received his method and explore my
talents. I speak, write, and understand well. In one of his poems, he said, ” try and try to make us fly,” it
affects my progress tremendously. So I want to express my thanks and appreciation to be on record for him.
God bless him and all human rights supporters.
Musa Mokhamere.